Almanac of useful knowledge

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Dear readers,

The term “almanac”, taking roots from Arabic al-manāx, means a collection of fascinating publications on different topics. We hope that our online almanac by the Will of the Almighty shall become interesting, captivating and informative for you.

It’s worth mentioning that any kind of outlook broadening is essential for personal development and progress, and it’s clear that there is no progression without forward motion. For this reason the editorial board of Muslim Politic made a decision to launch a new almanac — Almanac of useful knowledge.

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In the summer human curiosity becomes more acute to enlarge horizons. The nearer summer comes, the bigger desire once has to travel. And the destination is not any kind of place but to the sea for sure. Muslim Politic urges you to visit oceanic spaces with its stunning, faraway islands and atolls.

However, which of the atolls to be preferred? Let’s appeal to the word atoll to decide where to go. Where does this word come from?

It’s interesting, but the word atoll comes from language of indigenous residents of the Maldives. Apparently, there is no one to renounce visiting this marvelous statehood in the center of the Indian Ocean.


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From the earliest times the Maldives were well-known among traders, Arabs, Persians and inhabitants of Hindustan. Even explorers put up here; amongst them — famous Ibn Battuta.

Since IX century small Muslim societies emerge on the Maldives, and in the middle of XII century the population of the islands, having centuries-old nationhood identity, accept Islam at the domestic level and without any military intervention.

Adoption of Islam gave a strong incitement to the intercultural and intercivilizational relations with different regions of the world. And one of the most amazing outcomes from this cultural incorporation was the formation of unique alphabet.


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Originality of Maldives characters is in its specific way of formation: vowels come from Arabic vowel marks; consonants from Arabic-Indian figures; sentences are written from right-to-left. Therefore Maldives literature has one of the most original alphabets in the world. It’s pleasant that this alphabet is survived till nowadays and hasn’t disappeared under the influence of telegraph technologies development. Maldives writing system is adapted to the modern environment and hasn’t lost its identity.

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Muslim Politic is going to continue the series of the educatory value stories and looking forward to cooperate with our readers. If you have something interesting to share we are happy to publish it. Write us to and let the world become more meaningful.


Almanac of useful knowledge

Muslim Politic

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