“This game” can be foiled by different ways

Опубликовано: 02.11.2017

Remember that U.S. Ambassador to Ankara John Bass, as he was leaving, said, “If Daesh hasn’t been carrying out any demonstrations in Turkey for the past nine-and-a-half months, it’s thanks to us.”

The Daesh terrorist organization, which still has the potential to carry out mass attacks in Turkey, had carried out deeds that hurt us like the Reina massacre during former U.S. President Barack Obama’s last term in office. We are aware that it has carried out no major demonstrations since the day Obama left.


Obama and crooked Clinton founded Daesh: Trump

President Donald Trump was the one who made the most meaningful statement during the U.S. election term on the Daesh-U.S. relationship. On Aug. 11, 2016, Trump said, “Daesh was founded by Obama.” Trump had said, “He is the one who founded Daesh. Obama founded Daesh. And I must add, it was co-founded by crooked Hillary Clinton.”

Right at a time when Turkey-U.S. relations became strained, the U.S. ambassador saying, “Daesh has not been carrying out any demonstrations in Turkey for the last nine-and-a-half months thanks to us,” was really a matter that required consideration.

Thank God that the security forces must have also shown this sensitivity that the bloody attack Daesh was planning to carry out on Republic Day was prevented at the last minute. A huge blow was dealt to the terrorist organization that wanted to turn Istanbul into a bloodbath. The congratulations to the Istanbul Police.

The Daesh terrorists, who were preparing for an attack on a shopping mall in Bayrampa?a with a bomb-laden vehicle, were quickly caught. In the operation, numerous terrorists in cells were also caught.

According to police, “God protected this nation. He protected us all. It was discovered that they were preparing for a major attack that would have the effect of a magnitude 7.5 earthquake. Thank God they weren’t able to succeed.”

The following information is extremely significant:

  • Forty percent of those joining Daesh from Turkey are of Kurdish origin;
  • The general motivation of Daesh terrorists arrested and currently in prison is not to carry out any mass attacks in Turkey;
  • Daesh still has the capacity to carry out major attacks in Turkey;
  • However, the National Intelligence Organization, Gendarme and Police Intelligence are doing a great job;
  • The state is fighting relentlessly against all organizations, primarily Daesh and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist organizations.

Questions & answers

In light of this report, we can ask a few questions in relation to the motivation of the Daesh members who turned toward a mass attack in Bayrampa?a. For example, how many of those caught in Bayrampa?a and in the terror cells are Turkish citizens?

Why did Daesh wait until now to carry out a mass attack?

Is there any relationship between Turkey and the U.S.’s “agent crisis” and Daesh’s decision to carry out an attack? What is the impact of the strategic achievements accomplished against the terror corridor, wanted to be established in northern Syria, on Daesh’s mass attack motivation?

The answers we find to these questions will, without a doubt, lead us to a result.

We will mention only one of them: The parent of Daesh is the U.S. They are giving us messages through Daesh. And we are saying, “We received the letter. We are returning it without opening the envelope.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, who spoke at the reception in Be?tepe, said: “In the past, they said, “Force will foil the game.’ We, with our people, are also going to foil this game. If those standing against us are acting within the boundaries of democracy, we will ruin it through the rules of democracy. If those against us are acting in accordance with the law, we are going to foil it with the rules of the law. But if those against us do not abide by any of these, then we are going to foil this game by force. Because there is no slavery in our book; nobody can ascribe the chain of slavery to this nation.”

What more is there to say…

According to Turkish media

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